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Donations Being Accepted for Hospitals in Italy during COVID-19

Dear Italian friends from Hamilton,

Italy is suffering the worst time since WWII, and every day we can read on the newspaper numbers of deceased like a real war, yesterday more than 500! In Italy, many hospitals are fighting this Covid 19 with real heroes, nurses, doctors and many volunteers, but it is not enough. Indeed, they need new equipment for new spots in the ICU, because every hospital has ICU full of people with this terrible illness. I was born close to Brescia, and this is my city, and unfortunately with Bergamo, and Piacenza are the worst cities for dead people. I choose to help the Ospedali di Brescia because I know where this money is going to be spent, and because this hospital, like Sacco in Milan, Spallanzani in Rome, and Riuniti of Bergamo are doing research to fight this Covid 19. It is important to donate, and it is important to help our native country in need. Like St. Anthony’s,

We want to help this hospital, but if you know a direct contact in Italy you will be able to do the same for other hospitals, but it is important TO DO SOMETHING!

Please be generous, as always you did before for the earthquake in Abruzzo, and for many other good initiatives in the past. If you want to donate through St. Anthony’s parish, you can receive back a receipt for your taxes, and you know where we are going to spend this fund.

May God bless you all.

Father Francesco Cucchi

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